First work on the country estate

When it was so nice and warm the last few days, the first handles and planting in the forest garden and in the meadow began.

The wild garlic from the forest nearby I really want to have in my garden, since it is particularly moist in the forest garden, I have chosen a place where moss grows, because the wild garlic likes it very moist. It is also advisable to plant it densely so that it can multiply better. Other plants that had been in pots for a while also enjoyed the fresh loamy forest soil.

The next day I used the sun’s rays to lie naked in the beach chair, then I was so warm that I needed a cooling, but in the tub the water was a little too “hard”.

I first feared that the water in the shower is also still hard, as can be seen in the pictures, it worked right away, so really long I could not enjoy the first shower under the open sky yet and I tried to soap up as quickly as possible with curd soap and rinse off. The rest of the day I did the work naked. Without eating anything I was full of energy, for me a sign that light nutrition works well.

Since the ivy grows abundantly here, a few trees are in the stranglehold of the “snake”.

I put in a little effort as a “snake slayer” and put a few snakes on the funeral pyre. Who else could rid the trees of it but man? In this country, man is the “guardian” of the trees and the wolf is the “protector” of his tribe, his clan. Have you ever thought why a dog reacts so aggressively with some people, it senses the ‘snake’ in man.
I think that real predators that only feed on meat do not exist, but they take care of the balance and harmony and that the “snake” cannot spread excessively. The animals attack beings afflicted by the “snake”.
If people recognize themselves as divine beings and begin to look at their shadows, their ‘snake’ and accept them in love, there will soon be no more predators in the world.

Interestingly, a drop of water hit me on my left shoulder as I was walking in the garden, I looked up, clear sky, hair dry…. where do you think it came from? It was the walnut tree, the universe probably wanted to tell me that the freshly planted plants need water.

Naked earth dries out in the sun, it is after all an open wound.

Therefore, I covered the bare spots with the neighboring wet moss, of course, watered a bit beforehand.

The last visitors brought some nice hedge plants, which I was very happy about and also knew immediately where to put them.

To separate the area with the building material and the vehicles visually something, a hedge is very suitable.

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