Something spreads faster than a virus

And it is much more destructive. Regular porn causes depression, dopamine imbalance, lethargy, social and emotional disorders, and even erectile dysfunction. I say ′′ use ′′ of porn as if it were a drug. Porn affects the brain just like drugs do.

A fairly superficial scientific explanation would be that porn leads to a lot of dopamine, which leads to quick and intense satisfaction, but then climaxes and leads to a period of depression and lethargy – which leads you to seek more .To get a little more esoteric, orgasms can be the most generative, healing, creative strength or the most dehydrating and exhausting act you can do.When you are in contact with a partner, you are exchanging energy, bonding with each other. When you are connected to an image on a screen, you send your life force far away from yourself.The question is, where does this energy go?Who or what feeds off the almost incomprehensible amount of sexual energy that millions of people send into ether every day?Shamans talk about this all over our planet…One of my teachers refers to the ′′ Astral Sex Beast “, a huge force of darkness on this planet that feeds off the endless supply of sexual energy that the porn industry attracts.It exists only because it is superfluously supplied…. What do you think you’re bonding to when you masturbate with that porn star?Why do you think it’s so hard to stop?You’ve dug some tentacles in your sex center, my friend.Think of the scene from ‘The Matrix’ where Neo wakes up to see thousands of people in comatos and become food for dark forces.That’s the perfect representation of what I’m talking aboutIsn’t it interesting that porn is the only thing you can consume for free?Like any good drug dealer, you are attracted to a free champion.Nothing is free – you become another food source for a parasite entity.Instead of arguing and debating about each other’s origins and beliefs, perhaps we can begin to see that we have all been played by a much larger and relatively invisible power behind the scenes – one that thrives on our confusion and conflict.

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