Real potency comes from the heart

The love power of the lingam

Potency is more than a erect penis. Real potency comes from the heart and shows itself in the presence for the opposite. A present man, is a man who gives his phallic power to the woman from the connection with his heart.
The deepest desire of a woman is to be seen and held. Then the energy flows into the womb all by itself; it opens, becomes moist and wide. With a man, the energy flows the other way around. He wants his manhood, his lingam, his testicles to be appreciated. He wants his phallic power to be recognized and welcomed as a creative, life-giving force. Then his energy flows upward and his heart opens. For this it is good to know: In terms of body energy, the root of the penis is in the heart. This means: The man does not give off his love energy through the heart level like the woman, but his love energy flows from the heart through the penis.Both sexes are thus oppositely polarized beings. And this is exactly what makes the attraction.

Phalic power needs roots

If the phallic power is separated from the heart, the subtlety and sensitivity of the penis is lost. Instead of pleasurable indulgence, performance thinking, control and pressure of expectations now determine the space of the sexual encounter. Masculinity has been equated with toughness and stamina at the price of losing the ability to surrender. And what was originally supposed to be an intimate, sensual encounter between two people has become the fulfillment of a performance goal or an outlet for drives that serves to relieve tension. The price for this: sexuality is stale and empty because the essential is missing – contact. Impotence problems or premature ejaculation can be consequences of this.
The other way around: If the man has a negative attitude towards his drive to penetrate the woman, he will be just as unable to connect with his phallic power. The sexual energy will be cut off before it can even connect with the heart. The wild, libidinal is not allowed to make an appearance, let alone the aggressive demanding side. So the true sexual hunger is hidden under a mask of harmlessness and the sexual energy is held in the pelvis. The consequence of this is that the man is not really in his masculine power, unable to touch the partner deeply in her womanhood.

The sacred scepter of the man

A man who is completely at home in his body and desire, and connected in a facing way with his penis and heart, is able to touch and awaken a woman in her depth by the power of his thrusts. His penis has become a sacred scepter that he is able to wield with love and power; the key that unlocks the gate to perfect surrender.
Determination, clarity, courage, enjoyment and integrity are the qualities that distinguish him. Because he is connected to his intuitive will, which dwells in his center – four fingerbreadths below the navel – and at the same time to his heart power. Such a man is a man with roots, rooted in the outside as well as in the inside.

Awakening to mature masculinity

Sexual power needs roots to be able to rise, otherwise no completion is possible. For this it needs the recognition of the animal nature together with the wild, aggressive, forward pushing power. But it also needs the sensitive, emotionally permeable side. Only then can the drive connect with the consciousness, the heart with the genitals, so that the aggressive power can be used in such a way that it becomes strength. The penis is then no longer the instrument of control, but the emblem of vulnerability, of feeling. And what before had to be proved by “steadfastness” has now become nurturing, mature masculinity.


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