Angel numerology

The meaning of your birth number according to the teachings of the angels by Conny Coppers

Find out what meaning your birth number has for your lifeYou
find out your (spiritual) life task, your talents and your immediate future through
your birth number.
You calculate your birth number by adding the numbers of your birth date.

Example: You were born on 12.07.1975 1+2+7+1+9+7+5 = 32From
the 32 you take the cross sum, so 3+2 =5
.Your birth number would be 5.
If your cross sum is e.g. 28, so 10 comes


You must bring this also again on the cross sum 1+0=1.

Birth number 1
Life task
With the birth number 1 your (spiritual
) life task is to become a leader and

show others the way
with full
responsibility. You should help others to
reach their happiness in life
You can do this, for example, as a coach or
You are a nimble and also very intelligent
person and can quickly recognize new opportunities and
use them for yourself


Self-employment plays
a bigger role
in your (professional)

(spiritual) talents and abilities are in the area of


You can express yourself very well and writing
a great talent of
Since you are very permeable and intelligent in
equal measure, it is easy for you


with higher levels

Angels and other spiritual helpers are in close contact with
Also in the creative and musical area you have many talents
. You are a wonderful mediator and peacemaker, because you
see things more clearly than many others involved
Your future is
facing a major change in your life, and you will
break new ground
with much clarity
and self-confidence


If you are not already,
you will be able to start your own
You can be
sure of
Also a change in the residential area is possible for
The angels will guide you where it is best for

Your angelThe angel of
wisdom supports you in your immediate
future and gives you new insights into higher cosmic


Birth number 2
Life task
With the birth number 2 your life task is to
connect with the spiritual world (especially the angels) and

their messages.
You are a mediator between the human and
the angelic world
You are on earth to tell others about divine
A very special concern of your life task is
to discover positive thinking for yourself and to share it with others

. The principle of “The Secret” is especially important for you,
because you can easily
these laws – if you make an effort –
and explain them to others


Your mission in life is to
serve others as a lightworker

(spiritual) talents lie in

and going your own way


You will
have to overcome many obstacles in your young years to realize your
true power


Often you do not know which way to go,
but once you are convinced of something

you are 100% committed to it


You can help other people believe
in their goals and help them

their own success.

You could, if you have enough experience,
run your own business or work very well on your own
Your future holds a very big “twist of fate” for you

. Everything will change for you, even you will be transformed and
gain more confidence in life
Possibly you will
have to deal with foreign countries
That is, you will live there or
have to do with it
You will
learn about
your divine calling
and should accept it

Your angelThe
angel of joy supports you in your immediate
future and gives you many new possibilities and relief for
your present situation


Birth number 3
Life task
With the birth number 3 your life task is to
serve and help others. How you do this is up to you.
It is about developing an inner strength and not
others upset you.
You are a wonderful therapist
and are good at empathizing with others
In this way, you serve others
by helping them on their own path in life

You are
in close contact with the spiritual world and can talk to angels

. Since you have a very trusting aura, it is your
life’s task to serve in a social or spiritual area

. You are also a great help to old people.
spiritual talents are your great creative potential
and your warm-hearted charisma, which immediately strikes others

. You have a great talent to love people as they are and
this is your greatest gift
You are able to
others out of the cycle of
their suffering and offer
wonderful help

old, weak or
sick people


Your future In the near
future your mediumistic powers will become stronger and stronger

you will know what your task is


It is possible that you will

your support to people in helpful conversations.

Also your clairvoyance and clairsentience will

Your angelThe
angel of protection supports you in your immediate
future and gives you a clear and safe path


your ways and separates you from old ballast

Birth number 4
Life task
With the birth number 4 your life task is to
develop your medial and spiritual abilities. You should read a lot
and collect knowledge
Any philosophical or religious knowledge
will help you on your life path
Last but not least,
you yourself should become a wisdom teacher who

the truth to others.

Your life’s task is to create a secure base for
yourself with which you can support other people

. You get to create a place where people can meet and
from you
and with you

spiritual talents are your wonderful,
cheerful charisma and your artistic potential


You have many ideas that
you can and should implement
You are able to
lead large groups and bring people together to
a place of
peace and wisdom


You are also good at leading seminars
and teaching others
Your Future Your
immediate future is about having important conversations
to accomplish

your goals


You will
come into
contact with many people and
become the center of a group
Blockages or
grief will dissolve
In this way you will become a person who
prepares a path of wisdom
for others.

Your angelThe
angel of truth supports you in your immediate
future and gives you a lot of confidence and an easier


He helps you to realize your potential.

Birth number 5
Life task
With the birth number 5 your life task is to
develop and live out your spiritual talents. With birth number
you are able to


with love and empathy.

A social area, where you actively support people
and can live out your great warmth of heart, would be very

for you.

Your task in life is to spread love and
The theme of love and family is also very
important for
so you can also work as a couple or family therapist

. Family constellations would also be an important topic for you, with which you
can help others

great spiritual talent of yours is to
get in touch

with the beyond and to

receive the messages of the deceased

. Karma therapy (looking into past lives) is also a talent of
It is easy for you to look into the Akashic Chronicle,
and so you can show many people the true path
You would be a wonderful
who would


other people in difficult life situations.

Your Future In your future, wonderful
heavenly guided experiences
are waiting for
which will


courage to live


Good and helpful conversations are waiting for you and
the spiritual world opens new doors for you, which you

absolutely pass through.

A new beginning is imminent for you.
It is also possible to move to a more suitable area for you with a lot of nature
and good opportunities for your spiritual work

Your angelThe
angel of self-confidence supports you
in your immediate future and gives you much strength and courage for your
spiritual path


Birth number 6
Life task
With the birth number 6 your life’s task is to
strengthen your mediumship and to
trained in these areas.
It is very important for you to train yourself properly,
otherwise your doubts will catch up with you again and again
You are a sensitive personality
and must motivate yourself again and again
So you are also able to
help others, because this is your great task in life

. With your loving empathy it is possible for you to
help people who are in a very bad
You are like an
angel on earth, giving new courage to the hopeless
You can
work in a social field or create a home for people

. Children and animals are also very close to your heart and are part of your
life’s work

talent is to

the spiritual world and

hear its messages and pass them on to others

. It is important for you to know that you have
chosen to
serve as an angel on earth
You have the talent to
heal others and support them with energy work
You also have
great creative potential and a wealth of ideas
Your futureYour
immediate future gives you a lot of harmony in the home and
a stable security

areas of life


Especially in love and friendship
things will be much better again, and you can
finally leave the
labyrinth of your


You see clearly again and know exactly
where your path leads you

Your angelThe
angel of justice supports you in your immediate
future and gives you a deep balance and a
clear, just path


You are now reaping what you
have sown
over years of hard
work and constant learning

Birth number 7
Life task
With the birth number 7, your life’s task is to
achieve a stable basis in life, which you will also succeed in
if you believe in yourself. You are on earth to
your knowledge and
wisdom to others
Through your great ambition
can achieve a
lot and build your own business
that will serve many people


You are the ambassador who
should be seen by
although sometimes it is difficult for you to show yourself

. But this is your task: to be visible to others
and to share your knowledge and skills
Success is
certain in this life if you are courageous

talent lies in your power of attraction and your harmonious
charisma, which has a great effect on other people

. You are able to lead and guide many people and
also have great entertainment value
With these abilities
succeed in being seen and noticed by others

Your future Your immediate future promises you a stable and
very secure base, which you can further develop
There is a
great success ahead of
you, of
which you may not yet be aware

. There will be larger contracts or sums of money coming your way. The time of
uncertainty is finally over
Now success and stability are waiting for
Also in the partnership it goes
stable and trustful.

Your angelThe
angel of connection and communication supports
you in your immediate future and gives you insights

into the

heavenly world


He helps you to
with other people.

Birth number 8
Life task
With birth number 8, your life task is to
recognize your own strength and use it for others.
You are very medial and have already gathered a lot of wisdom in other lives
. It is important for you to rely on your mediumistic side
, because it is your task to advise other people and
to be of


when they need help


You radiate a natural authority and are
able to


others and


them new self-confidence and a certain stability.

You are an excellent therapist, and this is
your greatest role in life

talents are in the area of communication, because it

easy for you to express yourself clearly


You are very spiritual and can
help other people to make important decisions
You are
a pathfinder and are able to help others through conversation

. You are clairvoyant and should continue to develop this talent
. Your Future There is a big change going on in your life right now that has to
do with letting go and transformation
This will continue for
a while
It is important that you are ready to
let go of old patterns, because you are being real

When you have done this, there will be a sudden and unexpected turnaround in your life that

will take

you directly to your spiritual life task.

Your AngelThe
Angel of New Beginnings supports you in your immediate
future and gives you


new beginning in
a very important area of your


He supports your creative,
spiritual potential

Birth number 9
Life task
With birth number 9, your life’s work is to
inspire others with your ideas and spiritual knowledge.
You are able to communicate with the angels and can
with this gift wonderfully


Also, it is your life task to help
other people in difficult situations and

from negative energies


Energy work and blockage
removal are a part of your life’s work
You should become
self-employed if possible, or even


talents lie in
a loving atmosphere

home for

If you have children or animals,
they will feel especially at home with you
You are concerned about helping
the weak (children/animals/sick) and are
a wonderfully warm-hearted person with a lot of sensitivity


Your home or
workplace should be a place of love and care

. You can also live this out directly in your profession. YourFuture
In your immediate future you have to make a completely new start

. Also a birth can be important here, also the “birth” of a new
idea or the achievement of a goal
You will finally become clear about
who you are and what you want to realize in your life
It is
possible to
move or make a major change in your home
you also
something to work there spiritually/socially

Your angelThe
angel of liberation supports you in your immediate
future and gives you the release of old,
unresolved issues


You will be liberated, so that you
can go
your spiritual way full of


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